First Ever Blog

First Ever Blog

Mar 11, 2024Kami Stehman

Hello!  This is my first Blog post and I have never considered myself a writer.  I get nervous writing a Thank You card but I am 50 years old and trying something new!  Bear with me, please!!  All I know how to do is write like I talk so here goes.......

After 15 years in the finance industry, I decided to switch gears and pursue my passion for cooking. Cooking brings me joy, and I started a small catering company. I cooked dinners and delivered hot to your door nightly.  I had a great start but growing the business and hiring people sounded like more than I wanted to do. My husband and I were driving to Costco one Saturday and he should be a Costco blogger.  I was like, I don't know, maybe?? Then I started thinking about it.  (Please don't ever tell my husband this was his idea; I don't need those kinds of problems! ;) I LOVE two retail stores, Nordstrom and Costco.  To me, Costco is the Nordstrom of big box stores.  They return anything!!  Even opened bottles of wine if you don't like it. (I would never do that but people do).  I go to Costco at least 3-4 times a week.  Let's just say I know my way around and want to help you with easy dinner ideas, the best time of day to go, the shortest checkout lines, and products that are only seasonal so you better act fast!!!  

I am excited about this next adventure in my life.  Please let me know if you want product reviews or any other questions you may have.  I am looking forward to this blog being interactive!  #COSTCOFORLIFE #ILOVECOSTCO

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